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Treating Anxiety and Stress

Whilst we all experience some stress or anxiety , for  one in ten people in the UK, anxiety  interferes with normal life.

Causes can be many and varied – physical stresses such as accidents or injuries, overwork, or emotional stresses such as grief or  trauma.

Anxiety is often associated with many physical symptoms, such as digestive disorders or breathing problems, as well as insomnia, exhaustion, irritability and feelings of detachment or of not being in control.

We all experience anxiety differently . There are many ways of treating it too – at Ilkley Homeopathic Centre we offer different treatments so that you can choose which may suit you best.

This article gives you a short description – please feel free to call us, pick up a leaflet for more information on our therapies and therapists,  or drop in to talk to one of our therapists with no obligation.


Homeopathy recognises the connection between physical, mental and emotional symptoms and treats the person, rather than the condition, with safe and effective homeopathic remedies.

Symptoms are seen as the result of a central disturbance in the person, possibly resulting from something that has happened and the way in which an individual has reacted to it, and adapted to it over time.

An initial consultation will last 1- 1 ½ hours and will involve an exploration and discussion of how and when you experience anxiety and stress, followed by the prescription of a homeopathic remedy to stimulate your body’s natural healing mechanism.

Nicky Whitehead
Tel: 01943 817138


A hands on holistic body therapy, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, performed at floor level whilst lying fully clothed.

Shiatsu looks at the distribution and movement of of energy within the meridian network of the body.

Knowledge of the 5 elements and their association with organs and meridians in the body is used to better understand the physical signs and symptoms of anxiety.

Treatment will involve diagnostic palpation of the hara ( stomach) or back, followed by a focus on those areas with the greatest and least concentration of energy.

It will be meditative and quiet with concentration on the mental level .

Joerg Sommer

Bowen Technique

Bowen Technique is a light-touch, hands-on treatment of the whole body, using very small movements of the therapist’s fingertips and thumbs in gentle, rolling movement over particular muscles and ligaments. Light clothing may be worn, and the treatment is felt only in a pleasant way; there are no uncomfortable manipulations.

Treatment works with the body’s own subtle energies, causing an initial painless disturbance in areas of blockage, followed by a natural realignment of the energy flow, bringing healing and relief from symptoms.

The basic Bowen Technique movements bring a general , deep relaxation, and the more specific ones bring long-term alleviation of tensions, stress and anxiety.

Sheelagh Dale
Jenny Howarth