Jenny Howarth MA., RSHom., Cert ECBS.

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I am a qualified homeopath, registered as a full member of the Society of Homeopaths, and have over 25 years of experience in this field. I also trained and qualified with the European College of Bowen Studies and have practised the Bowen Technique professionally since 2005. In addition, I also offer Indian Head Massage, Reiki healing and, as a Reiki master and teacher, I offer teaching and Reiki attunements at all levels up to Reiki Master.

These therapies combine well and also take me into the nursing home setting, where residents with chronic conditions or dementia enjoy time with me. Staff are also able to benefit from the Bowen Technique sessions at their place of work.

I’am founder of the very successful Verbeia range, which develops flower and vibrational essence treatments in conjunction with health and body care products, made using natural elements, more information can be found on  website.

Before being able to follow my path in complementary therapies, I worked for over 30 years in public sector management, in education and areas involving children and families .

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