Hans Joerg Sommer MRSS.

About Joerg

Joerg has trained with some of the most well known people in the Shiatsu World. Learning from each, new idea, way of treating and new techniques in getting the vital energies circulating.

He has acquired diplomas and has trained for eight Years, and worked for over 12 years in his field.

He is a Member of the Governing Body of the Shiatsu Society in Switzerland, and in England.

Hoping to achieve the ultimate goal of promoting and helping people to help themselves  Joerg will help you maintain the Balance of Mind, Body and Spirit, and to keep your Natural Bodies Healing Process working.KgSommerTestimnls05

Having travelled in many countries and experienced different cultures and the many diverse  ideas, and religions, he himself has overcome the fear many people in our Society Suffer from.

That first step forward, it is always the hardest, and, belief in oneself.

Having being diagnosed with cancer and then the breakdown of his first marriage, lead Joerg to want to change everything in his life and begin a fresh, but with an added vigour and positive outlook on the world. Discovering various Therapies eventually settling on Shiatsu, a completely different philosophy on life was achieved.