Holistic Pregnancy Massage

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Prenatal massage therapy is an incredibly healthy way to reduce stress and anxiety for you and your baby. It helps to relieve backachecrampsstiffness and swelling; all the normal discomforts of pregnancy.

It has been proven to significantly reduce hormone levels leading to a less stressedand more relaxed you as well as increasing blood circulation, which in turn, allows more oxygen and nutrients to reach your baby and the mother also.

As well as being used during birth, these methods can be used afterbirth, which makes the experience a lot easier and comfortable for baby and mum.

Labour Massage Labour workshop to help you and your partner prepare for the birth of your baby as well as feeding and care.

Postnatal Massage help with the stress of carrying and caring for your new baby as well as speeding up the recovery process.

Baby Massage Express your love and care for your baby by creating a long lasting connection between you both.

Swedish Massage A deeply relaxing massage designed to help those with anxiety by restoring vital energy through blood circulation.

Many women stop regular treatments during pregnancy for fear of harming their baby. Yet massage from a specially trained therapist is one of the best ways to ensure that your mind and body is tension free throughout your pregnancy. Regular treatments – monthly or even weekly – will contribute to a comfortable pregnancy and help you prepare both mentally and physically for the birth.

The treatment incorporates a wide range of techniques from cultures around that world that have proven to soothe and relieve emotional, mental and physical stress and strain.

The safety of you and your baby is at the forefront of what we do. The massage has been adapted to be performed with you laying on your side or in a semi- recline position depending on how you feel most comfortable, whilst the rest of your body and bump are supported on a comfy body of pillows, and soft warm towels.