Addiction/substance mis-use

Recovery from addiction and addictive behaviours can be a long and lonely journey and without the support needed it can be a constant fight throughout our lives.

A therapeutic one-to-one support service for those dealing with issues surrounding addiction from substance mis-use. We offer one-to-one support as well as support to access extra recovery focussed networks within the community to help you take back control. We also offer support and free advice and guidance (with consent) to carers and loved ones of clients.

Understanding that addiction recovery is a lifestyle change just like managing other health issues and is the key to overcoming your addiction.

We recommend at least 12 weeks of therapy in order to address the psychological and spiritual aspects of the nature of addiction. After this period, we will review your progress and the coping strategies that you have built and provide guidance around the next stages of recovery.

       (Free 30 minute initial telephone consultation)

We offer two ways of paying for your therapy:

1 Hour session £50 paid at the end of each session

6 sessions paid in advance £250

12 sessions paid in advance £500

Extra fees

Support to Mutual aid groups £30 (plus mileage)

Family sessions (free brief telephone advice) £30 per hour.