Jenny Howarth MA., RSHom., Cert ECBS.

I have attended the practice of Ilkley Complementary Therapies for some two years under the care of Jenny Howarth for homeopathic remedies and Bowen Therapy for rheumatoid arthritis and other issues. I had learned of Bowen Therapy through the periodical ‘What Doctors Don’t Tell You’, edited by Lynne MacTaggart.
For me, the outcome has been little short of miraculous. I had given up on allopathic treatments as having too many cumulative side-effects which in the end amounted to conditions worse than the original disease.
I am amazed that such a benign and pleasant therapy as Bowen could have such profoundly beneficial results. I cannot help wondering whether the whole course of my arthritis would have been radically altered, indeed whether it would have developed at all, if I had received Bowen Therapy in the early stages.
Before I started the Bowen Therapy, I had had a joint replacement on my left knee, which had been successful in giving me the promised pain relief. Just before I began Bowen Therapy, my surgeon had told me on the basis of X=rays, that my right knee also needed replacing. I was experiencing the same symptoms as I had had in my left knee prior to my operation – the worst of which was that the knee was sometimes not weight=bearing, a very distressing condition which severely hampers mobility.
From the start of Bowen treatment I experienced benefit and have gradually improved over two years with no set-backs. My walking has improved so much that friends frequently remark on it. I have minimal pain. The only medications I have taken over the two-year period have been Bromelain (a pineapple- based enzyme) and homeopathic remedies prescribed for me by Jenny. Very occasionally, if I have been over active due to feeling so energetic, I take one or two paracetamol in the evening. My right knee is now as pain-free as my left, and has virtually the same functionality.
I constantly recommend Bowen Therapy to people, and even give them a book to explain it, as many people do not know of it.
I warmly recommend Jenny as a proficient and empathetic therapist.
JC , January 31, 2012