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Those Winter Blues

Do the winter months get you down more than you think they should ?

Seasonal Affective Disorder ( “SAD”) , sometimes known as the winter blues can take us all by surprise.

One theory is that lack of sunlight reduces the production of serotonin in the brain, leading to feelings of depression, a desire to sleep, food cravings and lack of energy.

At Ilkley Complementary Therapies , we offer a number of different treatments, which may help to relieve these seasonal symptoms. d things) have declared today to be the most depressing day of the year. Your bank account is empty, you’ve given up on most of your resolutions, and memories of Christmas are all too distant. You have two options. 1. Wallow in misery. For the whole day. 2. Stick some reggae music on, smile at everyone you see, and laugh in the face of the Blue Monday blues. To help, we’ll be posting stuff which we hope will make you smile, beginning with this picture of a raccoon holding a kitten. Happy Blue Monday.

This article gives you a short description – please feel free to call us, pick up a leaflet for more information on our therapies and therapists,  or drop in to talk to one of our therapists with no obligation.


Homeopathy recognises the connection between physical, mental and emotional symptoms and treats the person, rather than the condition, with safe and effective homeopathic remedies.

It enables you to stand back and take a look at yourself, specifically at patterns and shifts in your mood. We often find ourselves with recurring or seasonal physical symptoms, made worse by mental or emotional strains or environmental factors.

An initial consultation of 1 to 1 ½ hours with a follow up a few weeks later is usually suggested.

Nicky Whitehead
Tel: 01943 817138

Shiatsu will be available from March 2016

Shiatsu is a traditional hands-on holistic Japanese body therapy, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).

In TCM depression results from increased Yin as a result of, for example, fatigue, stress, negative thoughts and memories, stress, anxiety, anger, winter, darkness, cold and moisture. The goal of shiatsu treatment is to build up Yang energy and restore the balance.

The hands on treatment works on acupressure points on the energy channels of your body.

Diet can also help with Yang type foods such as lamb, leeks, oats , ginger and, in winter, raw and cold foods !

In general, try to avoid physical stress, get enough sleep and protect yourself from colds and flu to build up and preserve the Yang.

Joerg Sommer
Tel: 01943 603388

Bowen Technique

The Bowen Technique is a series of very gentle, light-touch movements that can be carried out through a layer of light clothing. It can bring relaxation to the whole body and, most importantly, enables the body to re-balance itself in a physical and emotional way.

Many people in Ilkley have experienced the benefits on a physical level, with painful spines, back ache, knee and shoulder pain as common troubles.

The Bowen technique has also helped many people with emotional difficulties and depression, including seasonal affective disorder in the winter months. An initial series of three treatments is usually suggested, allowing relaxation and harmony to replace the anxiety and tensions that can build up.

Sheelagh Dale
Jenny Howarth
Tel: 01943 603388

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