About Us


Ilkley Moor and Rombald’s Moor  have a strong tradition of ancient sites, with wonderful,  Neolithic / pre-historic stone carvings and stone circles. Although their full meaning eludes us so far in modern times, many do align with the sun and other natural features, like Almscliffe Cragg.  In the times of the Roman occupation, the Wharfe Valley was linked with the goddess Verbeia, whose carving may be seen at present on the Roman altar stone at the back of All Saints’ Church. Ilkley’s reputation as a centre of healing grew in a different way  in Victorian times, using the unique qualities of the Ilkley Moor water to provide spa ‘cures’ for rich and poor alike.  At Ilkley Complementary Therapies we feel privileged to be working in the Wharfe Valley and  close to the Moor, with the energies of so much spiritual history. We like to feel that we are building on and continuing this rich tradition.  There will be more news on just how we are doing this, in a few weeks’ time. So, please  do re-visit this site to find out what we are up to !